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Gypsy Bags coming soon…..

10:26 pm

Handcrafted from vintage indian fabrics and adornments.
Place your orders girls , I have 10 only will post more pics of other styles I have coming.
in the meantime please let me know if you are interested in purchasing.

Banjara Gypsy…..

1:49 am

New arrivals Vintage Banjara Jewellery….
please email or facebook me if you would like to own one of these beautiful finds.

Kate Stein…….inspirational.

1:40 am
check out Kate Stein’s work….

Markit @ Fed Square Melbourne…

7:24 am

I took the family to the Markit at Fed square yesterday and discovered this amazingly talented artist
Jessica Stewart.

I couldn’t resist these 3 for myself, just need to find some wall space to hang them……

Melbourne based artist Jessica Stewart likes to draw portraits of dreamers and lovers. Using pencil, paint and pastel she draws ships, homes, animals among all other sorts of symbolic objects to represent a bond, a freedom or maybe an escape from their current situation.
Growing up on the coast before relocating to Melbourne, its fair to say nautical influences hold strong in her concepts and final pieces.
Jessica was a finalist in BSG’s 2010 $10,000 Art Prize and also had a very successful group show at BSG earlier that year called Ladies’ First which many well known and upcoming female artists participated in.
“If each piece can bring just a moment of curiosity or imagination out of the viewer then its all worth it. I love when people can relate to the portraits, seeing some sort of glimmer that they may of forgotten was within themselves.”

a little more about me………..

3:27 am

Gypsy River is a brand that takes you on an earthy and global wander to a place where you can be inspired by truly unique treasures for you and your home.  The free-spirited and clever collection of jewellery, accessories and home furnishings are brought to you from around the world by Melbourne based designer, traveller and curator Kerrie Nelson.
With years of visual merchandising experience, heading up one of Australia’s most iconic retailers, Kerrie is an extraordinary talent who has a knack for hunting and gathering irresistible artisan objects locally and overseas. Her talent for breathing new life into pre-loved pieces and her endless experimentation of materials, colours and textures are at the heart of this exciting Australian brand. Inspired by the global community’s design diversity Gypsy River houses limited edition and exclusive pieces from designers both near and far with a distinct ethnic influence.
As well as bringing you an edit of decorative and design must-haves, Gypsy River produces hand-crafted jewellery you can cherish. The one-off and made-to-order statement ear, neck and wrist pieces are fastidiously cobbled together true to Gypsy River’s creative vision – tribal influenced adornments. 
Gypsy River presents a gamut of eclectic and exotic pieces, which have won the hearts of fashion and art lovers alike.

Gypsy River Styling

Kerrie Nelson, founder and director of Gypsy River continues her creative role beyond the online store and into the world of visual design – where her career began. A merchandising, set designing, space converting extraordinaire for more than 20 years, Kerrie has built an industry reputation for knowing how to transform a space into design theatre. Whether she’s providing creative concepts to bring a brand’s DNA to life, designing distinctive windows or installations in the retail market or styling event spaces and home interiors, Kerrie’s wealth of experience, personal taste, wild imagination and outstanding creative vision have her turning heads with her styling prowess and creative cross disciplinary approach.

A big thank you to Jade Roberts from
Ra Ra PR  Melbourne, for my Bio…….

My Home………

12:26 am

Just a sneak peek inside my home…  and a quick snap shot of some of my eclectic and exotic treasures found from around the globe.
Many of these treasures and similar will be available  in the Gypsy River online shop which is coming very soon…

Keep following me to discover more about
the brand Gypsy River….

Artwork featured in entrance and lounge areas