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gift wrapping @ Gypsy River….

8:46 pm

Well it’s the 1st of December today and the count down is on for Christmas….Such a joyful time of year and I just love getting creative and Christmas is such a great opportunity to go crazy!!
I thought I’d share with you my gift wrapping for all Gypsy River purchases from now until Christmas.
 check out my Etsy  store for some unique global treasures and great Christmas gifts for family and friends….

handmade advent calendar…..

3:39 am

this crafty little number I actually made last year for my Son to hang from his bedroom door…
Thought I’d share and inspire you with a little Christmas cheer this afternoon…..
Very simple to make all you need is some calico fabric, branch to hang it from,  some scrap fabric cut up into squarish panels stitch on or glue on leaving an opening at top for a little treat…….hot glue gun to stick number on to panels and I just used ribbon, lace, rope and a felt pen to make numbers…..
Then all that’s required is to fill each pocket with a treasure to be opened each morning.
Such a fun way to count down the days.
Dangle hmong tassles from Gypsy River also $30 each. Send me an email if you would like to order

Laos fabrics….

1:27 am

these fabrics come to Gypsy River from the most peaceful and tranquil place on earth and that is Laos….
I am having these antique fabrics made into bags and cushions and also keeping some of the larger ones as full pieces so they can be used in many ways…..Such a lovely new discovery ….
arriving in 2 weeks.

Gypsies tramps & thieves……

8:51 pm










By Harper Smith
Photos by Harper Smith
Styling by Cory Madley
Model: Kelley at Q Management
Hair and Makeup by Danielle Cedillo
Such a great shoot all via Foam magazine!!!!

antique wall hangings…

7:50 pm

these amazing zari and banjara tribe patchwork panels are so beautiful…..arriving too Gypsy River before Christmas. Would look brilliant on your wall or even as a throw on your bed. Will update you when they hit our shores……

handmade by Gypsy River…..

11:36 pm
fabric dreamcatchers made to order…..

Gypsy River Christmas tree.

feather and lace headdress made to order for a Hens celebration

today’s inspiration for you all is crafting by Gypsy River….. Our beautiful dreamcatchers made from old fabrics,lace,and pretty adornments large $50, Medium $40. Our gorgeous Pine tree which is situated on our property and positioned outside the entrance to our studio……and a one of custom made headdress for a bride to be $120…. all items made to order.

on my walls…..

12:09 am
sunnylands by Miranda Skoczek
butterfly girl by Narissa Butler

Budda head by dusit

miss louise and idyll by Narissa Butler
today my new piece of art arrived from Edwina Corlette Gallery Brisbane, so I had a move around on the walls…. The artwork is by Melbourne artist Miranda Skoczek titled Sunnylands. Other artwork featured on my walls by artist Narissa Butler

Miranda Skoczek’s art gestures towards utopia. Her paintings, which draw freely from across the globe’s visual languages, allow the viewer to witness the birth of new meanings and relationships, and imagine how the fantastical spaces that materialize out of the artist’s musings and experimentations with imagery might be inhabited.

Using a methodology that samples and remixes iconographies from across histories and cultures, Skoczek creates a symbolic palimpsest that collapses any sense of distance between east and west, past and present, abstraction and representation, and demonstrates that, in the end, all forms of representation differ from each other only by degree.

Here seemingly disparate imagery, taken from embroidery patterns, traditional folk art imagery, Chinese and Japanese woodblock prints, Mughal miniatures and Islamic architectural motifs, coalesce on the picture plane and celebrate our human penchant for decoration and embellishment. Such work, which speaks of the way in which spiritual sanctuaries can be created, and of how human actualization may be achieved for all, proposes an ideal location for a common ground.

Narissa Butler
I am often asked why I paint girls… each of my girls are a little bit of me and a little of what I see.
My first Girl painting appeared in 2002, which was inspired by a photograph of my mother as a child. I was taken with the innocence and awkwardness of the shot and intrigued as to what was going on behind that smile. Women are creatures of such complexity and I am drawn to the vulnerable and awkward. The contradictions of our feelings, how we express our feelings, on our faces and through our body language. 
I began with simple poses and use of colour, in what I would describe as naive in expression, and perhaps even graphic in style. To me, my paintings express a sense of longing, of nostalgia, of something missing.
When the first Girl paintings appeared the response to them was overwhelming. I feel as though I am only beginning to reproduce the images I have in my head. Currently most of my girls appear to be heading toward adolescence, for most, a time of extreme self-awareness and awakening. As the Girls continue to grow and change from the earlier series, I have slowly incorporated small accompaniments such as butterflies and birds or chairs, and much to my delight they are still being received with much warmth and affection.

what every girl needs….

3:44 am

just what every blogger needs!!! a one of a kind unique lap top clutch to carry your precious cargo……
coming soon to Gypsy River……hope you love! Lots more prints and vintage fabrics to choose from, these are just my first samples…..kx

peek inside my studio…..

3:25 am

I am in preparation for my open studio this Saturday the 26th from 2-5pm…..I hope you can come along and check out my global treasures. I thought I’d share how things are looking so far…..

trash equals treasure…..

2:13 am

Oh I love it when the neighbours put out hard garbage!!!! 3 old deck chair frames…..
all I had to do was give them a light sand, stain with linseed oil and cover with some peruvian
fabric I had laying around…..add some Gypsy River suzani cushions $180 for the purple one and $150 for the coral……I’m ready for an outdoor movie or two.
Be the first to try out my deck chairs this Saturday 26th Nov for my Open studio event 2-5pm…..
Email me or facebook me for more info.