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A little bit about me…….

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Well it’s time for a little self promotion, so here goes……… As you may or may not be aware my background is fashion and when I say fashion I lived and breathed it for over 20 years at one of Australia’s iconic fashion retailers SPORTSGIRL.

I started there many years ago as a Visual Merchandiser in there Collins st Flagship store and spent years dressing mannequins and creating amazing displays……I’m sure many of you would remember that great Iconic building that was in Collins st Melbourne.

After years of working my way up the corporate ladder and having left the Company twice to work in other high st fashion retailers. I ended up back at Sportsgirl again in 2001 until 2011, this time I was at the top of my game heading up a Creative team of Visual Merchandisers across the country who look after 100 stores nationwide.  I had the best 10 years of my life working with amazingly talented people and creating world class stores and bringing Visual Merchandising to the fore front of retail! Sportsgirl certainly lead the way leaving competitors for dust…….

Not only did I get to create amazing store environments, but I got to travel the world with many talented teams of buyers and designers. Travelling from London,Paris,Tokyo to small cities in far corners of the world sourcing global uniqueness for the stores..from product, furniture, window props.

Through being able to travel the world and seeing so many amazing cities,  my passion for global treasures grew and is where the idea of Gypsy River was born.

So in 2011 after departing the corporate world my business GYPSY RIVER was born…………..I encourage all of you to follow your dreams and keep on believing in yourself! Anything is possible you just need to trust you intuition.

Something you may not know about Gypsy River???? I provide a styling and consulting side to my business where I can style any event from weddings, birthday party’s and corporate events. I also offer an Interior styling/decorating service to both retail businesses and private homes.

If your interested in finding out more about what services I can provide, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

I look forward to discovering loads more amazing global treasures for you and your home.

Enjoy and be your best Kerrie x

photos by Hilary Walker and Lael McAvoy